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I feel much more athletic

May 15, 2009
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I’ve been hearing the gang berate Gary [Dell’abate, producer of the Howard Stern show] all week about this pitch he made at the Mets game last weekend.

I felt bad for the guy; this is probably one of his dreams. I thought, “man, how bad could it be?” So, I finally looked it up on Youtube…Yipes!

To his credit, Baba Booey was supporting an autism benefit. I’ll have to say that his charitable spirit outweighs his COMPLETE lack of athletic ability…..BARELY. And, I’ve got to say: he’s taken the criticism and humiliation with grace and a sense of humor. If this had been me, I’d have long left the country seeking the solace of anonymity in a 3rd-world country, as you enjoyed the writing styles of Esteban Jones and his blog, “El Suburban Wino”.