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40 Days of Writing | October 16, 2012

Perhaps in an effort to reinvigorate my writing efforts, I’ve accepted a challenge from Kate Graham (of Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery) to put pen to paper every day for 40 days.  It’s a great idea; I do believe that writing is like exercising (neither of which I’m very good at), and repetition and consistent effort strengthens the brain and the writing style.  Let’s call it training.

Whether well-thought out, or just dribble on the sheet, putting my thoughts to paper is a positive exercise, some I’m looking forward to the challenge.  But it’s not without conflict:  I’ll be in situations where I’m not near a computer for days at a time (like this past weekend), so my “writing” could appear negligent on the blawg every day.  At the very least, I intend to scrawl things on cocktail napkins or golf score card or something.  Such was the case this past weekend.  And my writing ended up being things written on golf balls in permanent marker.  I wrote “Gangnam Style” on one.  Does that count?

I didn’t write on this actual one.  But I wouldn’t surprise myself if I wrote “poop”
 on my golf ball (source:

Anyway, it’s not a perfect road, and it does require discipline, but I’m glad to put this exercise into practice, and I hope it gets me back on track.


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