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The Evangelist | February 23, 2012

Sometimes, in our minds, we build caricatures of who we wish to be (or, somehow deep down, believe we already are):

Okay, perhaps it’s a bad fantasy representation of myself.  I don’t see evidence of sweet abs, glistening pecs, or a mane of hair that would make late 80’s Richard Marx blush.
And, with all due respect to Chateau “La Feet”, I’d have to opt for a Gallagher stage prop-sized bottle of Grower Champagne.  I don’t always drink wine out of giant bottles, but when I do, I prefer Grower Champagne.
So, despite the physical deficiencies, the follicular inadequacies, and the semantics over bottle-of-choice, this is my mind’s representation of myself.  I am, for better or for worse, a Wine Evangelist.
I drew this today (taking some liberties with a famous political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan) as the profile pic for a new Facebook page to keep track of tasting events I’m hosting around Atlanta.  While these events are tied to me working with accounts to help sell the wines I sell, I named the whole endeavor, “The Great Awakening of Joe’s Wine Revival and Goodtimes Emporium of Grapes Tour 2012.”  To me, these tastings are so much more than selling wine.
Merriam-Webster defines “evangelism” as “militant or crusading zeal.”  No doubt, to many, my love of wine and my prodding for others to try new things can be- at times- (over)zealous.  I’ve had to accept the fact that- even in an endless sea of wine options out there- some have no desire to stray from the safe and predictable tide pool filled with Kendall-Jackson.  I’ve come to grips with the fact that many people simply DO NOT CARE about wine, and they never will.  Hey, I will never understand the deal with running marathons.  I’m sure that drives some sinewy person with a “26.2” sticker on the back of her Jeep nuts.  Sorry.  I like running just fine, but 2 miles is my comfortable, oak-chipped Chardonnay.
Why deal with the slings and arrows, then?  Because of the twenty percent.  The folks out there who understand that there is a world of flavors, aromas, food science, culture, geography, geology, history, politics, and pleasure out there within the dusty bottles of the world; enough knowledge and exploration to span hundreds of lifetimes.  To the wild-eyed evangelist, wine can’t be limited to cute labels and return-on-investment and absurd tasting notes…
…it is a journey to find the next great bottle.  To, once again, be… awakened.  And to those who share the same quest:  you, too, are evangelists. 


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