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Business Time | August 19, 2011

Much like the country’s favorite sons, Bret & Jemaine, New Zealand knew when it was business time.
Gathering incredible support like a gale wind off the Southern Alps, the Kiwis struck hard and struck early. In the end, they ousted proud Oregon from the throne to stand alone as 2011’s Pinot Smackdown champion.
It’s not so difficult to imagine. New Zealand is making incredible wines in Marlborough, Martinborough, Central Otago, Waipara, and beyond.
What the #PinotSmackdown belt acknowledges is that New Zealand isn’t necessarily recognized as making the best Pinot Noir in the world (such accolade would create a nightmare of subjectivity), but has most-successfully captured the zealous backing of its supporters on Twitter. The latter run the gamut from those who- daily- have their hands in that Southern dirt, to the enthusiastic advocates who often have their glasses full of that Kiwi red-gold.
So congrats, New Zealand. Wear your belt with pride… and keep your head on a swivel.
for all the stats, pop on over to co-founder, Wine Tonite’s, blog

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