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Put these peaches in your mouth. | July 20, 2011

Someone asked me to post this recipe on Twitter. Posting a recipe in 140 characters is a real painus in the anus. Here, I can go on and on and on and on (and on)…

…not that that’s ever happened.
For the sake of brevity- and food porn- I’ll deal mostly in pictures here. Said to be worth a thousand words, these pics are worth a thousand calories, all under the guise of healthy eating (hey, it’s fruit, right?)
Either adapted or stolen directly from a Steven Raichlen cookbook, I present Grilled Peaches:
1. Procure brown sugar, butter, and Bourbon. Any self-respecting household should have all these things on hand at any given time. Also, get some peaches. If you’re in Georgia, get Georgia peaches. What is this, amateur hour?! The are very ripe white peaches from Fort Valley, GA. Oddly, they don’t smell like peaches, but exactly like Riesling. See what I did there? Silly, huh?
2. For the sauce, start melting the butter in a pan over medium heat. I used 4 oz. The quantity is not critical. What is important (for the sake of this recipe, anyway) is to have a 1/1/1 ratio of butter/brown sugar/Bourbon.
3. Once the butter’s melted, add the brown sugar (in this case, you guessed it, 4 oz.), and stir until it melts into the butter.
4. Once the sugar’s melted, move the pan OFF the flame (or turn it off entirely), and add in 4 oz. (or whatever fits your ratio) of Bourbon.
5. With a fancy gas range, I just tilt the pan a bit over the flame, and the Bourbon will ignite. Use a long lighter on an electric range, and a flaming arrow if you’re a great distance from the pan, and an excellent marksman. Allow the flames to subside, then remove from the heat so the carmel/booze mixture doesn’t burn.
6. Cut your peaches in half. Use a sharp knife or precision karate chops.
7. Pour the syrup-y goodness over you peaches and toss to coat.
8. Yeah, my grilling picture sucks. But grill those buggers over a hot flame for a few minutes, just to heat everything up and get a nice varnish on the peaches.
9. All you health nuts can just go ahead and eat the peaches at that point. But us regular folks- who might wear tennis shoes or an occasional python boot– like to use the peaches as a topping for ice cream or gelato, which is Italian for “expensive ice cream”.
10. If you have extra syrup, go ahead and pour it over the dessert. You deserve it, you handsome devil.

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