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Booze in the News: March 11, 2011 | March 11, 2011

Born Small… Now Huge… Winning since 2010 (despite cursed human blood).

Don’t have any particular stories here about Charlie Sheen. But, as dedicated Booze in the News staffers, it’s our duty to recommend you follow the alcohol-and-drug-fueled grease fire as it progresses:

“Ale” to the Chief: He’s an accused long-legged mac-daddy. He’s a smoker. Based on the female persuasion’s misguided notion that “bad boys” are cool, you have to admit the President is a pretty hip cat (clearly, a statement seething with the repressed dating angst of a former goodie-goodie). But I digress. Did you know that the Commander in Chief also brews his own beer? NPR reports that the Obamas will serve the White House’s second batch of beer- a Honey Ale- during St. Patrick’s Day (the first having been served during the Super Bowl). While it’s reported the prez himself has little to do with the actual production of the beer, the Obama administration is still credited as the first the brew at 1600 Pennsylvania. And as much as I want to say all of that is really cool, I happen to know that homebrewing is an incredibly geeky, exacting, and scientific process. Score one for the goodie-goodies.

Monk-y Business: An Iowa man is giving up everything for Lent. Everything but beer, that is. “Charlie Sheen doesn’t live in Iowa,” you’re probably saying, “and does the Lenten sacrifice include cocaine and prostitutes?” A reasonable inference, indeed, but seriously, this guy is legit. The gentleman- known simply as “J. Wilson”, is conducting a historical experiment based on the lives of German monks of the 1600s. During the 46-day stretch of Lent, these wacky guys lived on virtually no more sustenance than 4 pints of doppelbock-style beer and water. Intent on recreating this spiritual and gastronomical purification, Wilson is living on a beer of his own creation and documenting the progress on the blog, “Diary of a Part-Time Monk”. Personally, I commend the guy, as his opus is sure to come in handy whenever I try to drink beer at the office. Human Resources really frowns up religious persecution in the workplace. So what if I’m operating heavy machinery with a hefty buzz? God is my co-pilot, holmes.

Well…what can I say that this guy hasn’t already said:


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