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"Auld Lang Syne" is Spanish for something… | January 1, 2011

…just not sure what. My Spanish is rusty. But I’m guessing it means, “let’s pay too much for an underwhelming prix fixe meal at an odd hour (though all I want is my regular menu item of macaroni & cheese with ketchup), then drink to the point where we can actually understand what Dick Clark is saying.”

I guess that’s a little harsh for what is sure to be my most sentimental and least amusing post yet. We love you, Dick. A lot of folks say you should hang it up, but if your languishing vice-grip on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve throne delays Seacrest from further expanding his evil empire, then godspeed, you old grizzly bear.

But back to “auld lang syne”. It actually comes from a traditional Scottish poem by Robert Burns, and loosely translates to “for old time’s sake”; the lyrics, furthermore, a plea to not forget old friends. With that in mind, here’s a tip of the cap to everyone who made the masochistic chore of blogging actually a lot of fun in 2010. To the toasting:
– More than anyone else, to everyone who stops by here and reads my drivel. Without you, it really is a thankless chore. But, knowing that I may have entertained someone, or at least made the work day a little more tolerable- well- that makes all the late nights of hunting-and-pecking extraordinarily rewarding.
– To my magnificent wife, Heather, who allows me to be anti-social after not seeing her all day, lets me spend a king’s ransom on liquid “research and education”, and even insisted I travel to Walla Walla when our first child was 2 weeks old. You’re too supportive and too wonderful.
-To my beautiful, incredible, miracle daughter, Olivia: I’m sorry this blog hasn’t made me rich yet so that I can buy you a pony. And I hope that when you dust off these ancient posts when you’re twenty-one, none of them warp your mind or set a bad example, despite what grandma may think (kidding, Ma!). You inspire me more than you could know.
-On that note, to my loving parents: thank you for the sense of humor (I think that’s what it is). I knew full-well going into this whole opus that your role in life wouldn’t allow you to approve of everything that goes on here. The chance to write and the opportunity to (hopefully) make a few folks laugh is of great value to me. No matter what, I appreciate your (at times reluctant) support of my hobby and all you have taught me. I love you!
– To (mostly former) Atlanta wine bloggers Ed, Kevin, Matt Mauldin, Dennis, Cecilia, and Elizabeth: great to know you folks. We’ve shared some good times (or will someday). I hope you all find the time to keep writing, and I wish everyone best of luck in your new endeavors and change of scenery. Fast Eddie, go get ’em out in California.
-To the gilded palates of the Atlanta food and wine rascals, especially Rowdy, Jimmy, Broderick, Falcon, and Biskuit: thanks for sharing some or your incredible food and bottles with me. You’ve helped me learn, taste what I wouldn’t otherwise, and made me realize how stupid it was to buy a house way the hell up in Woodstock. Someday, I’ll bring aged Burgundy to dinner as well. Looking forward to some good times in MMXI.
-To the Bat Hunter: finding the perfect Albariño has become my White Whale.
-To Thea the Wine Brat: thanks for helping get me out to Walla Walla. You’re aces, kid.
-To the online blogger crowd of Ed Thralls (& Jonjie), Benito Carter, Samantha Dugan, Hardy/Dirty, Ben Simons, Amanda Maynard, Steve Paulo, Josh Wade, Drew Lazorchak, Sam Klingberg, Tamara Belgard, Brian Wing, The Beecham Boys, Steve Washuta, Joe Roberts, Matt Browne, Ron HMW, Constance C, Matthew Horbund, all the great folks on Twitter, and anyone else that I absolutely (and embarrassingly) left out: thank you for the friendship, inspiration, support, retweets, encouragement, guest posts, shameless promotion, top-offs, comments n’ criticisms, bottle recommendations, didjeridoo advice, shipments o’ wine, inside jokes, couches to crash upon, graphic design, and lots of laughs.
And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp! And surely I’ll be mine!
And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

(I’m pretty sure that’s a toast…I’m not fluent in Burns’ old Scot. I’ll just stick with Gaelic and say Sláinte! See you next year.)

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