Suburban Wino 2: The Wordpress Experiment

Booze in the News – November 5, 2010 | November 5, 2010

Scouring the seedy underbelly of the interweb for one last drink, like a drunken sailor at the tail-end of shore leave.

Coming Soon – “Suburban Crackhead”: It’s the same old story. Weeks ago, I posted a story on BITN about how heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers. Alright! Time to get weird. Well, now a British study suggests that alcohol is more dangerous than crack and heroin. Okay, so the study’s a little half-baked (as any of these studies are, in my opinion), and I’m convinced that everyone has an agenda and can make the data tell the story he/she wants. However, just to be safe, and in order to be a better father, husband, and member of society, I’m kicking the wine and turning this into a crack blog. I hear the terroir-driven rocks of the Baltimore area are spectacular.

Finally, a show that’s actually about Beer: In the spirit (pun intended) of alcohol being deemed the deadliest substance ever by those stuffy Brits, America gives the biggest “F off” since December 16, 1773 (I didn’t want to offend my West Coast readers by saying the words “Tea Party” on this blog). Sam Cagalione, of Dogfish Head Brewery fame, will premiere a show called “Brew Masters” on Discovery Channel. The show will follow Cagalione and his crew as they search the world for new and wacky ingredients. I’m really excited about this. “Cheers” had far too much human-interest and misadventure to distract from Norm’s mounting bar tab.

Atlanta, CA: As I predicted back in August, my fine city has lost another top-notch blogger. Ed Thralls, of Wine Tonite! fame, has gone bamboo like Dirty and taken a wine job out in sunny Northern California. In all honesty, I know this is what Ed’s been shooting for recently, and I’m really thrilled for the guy and his new title of “Social Media Marketing Director”. I know he’ll make Vintage Wine Estates a huge success in the Social Media world. Doesn’t mean I’m not bummed to lose another local drinking buddy. Fortunately, Ed can sooth the pain by sending me wine. The good stuff, not the cheap stuff you send to bloggers. Congrats, Ed! Who knows when Atlanta, CA might expand again…

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