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A Different World | October 14, 2010

With all due respect to Dwayne Wayne and the gang, this post is not centered around the zany and heartwarming Cosby Show spin-off.
Did you know Sinbad was on that show? Oh Sinbad, we hardly knew ye. While I still can’t believe you beat out Dennis Miller on Star Search, I tip my cap to your hilarious performance as a mental patient in the Always Sunny episode, “Dennis Reynolds: A Erotic Life”.

Rather, when I mention “A Different World”, I’m talking about a visit to Michel-Schlumberger, a winery located in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek AVA.
True, the tasting experience was different from many other spots. The property was off the beaten path a ways. The tasting “room” (though it was a comfortable lounge and an outdoor plaza with a centerpiece fountain…but not a super fancy, hoity-toity fountain) was not packed with tons of city slickers, looking to get their drink on. Rather, we took a seat in some comfortable chairs on a shady patio, and wines started coming. Then folks came to talk with us and share a glass. I knew Jim Morris already (marketeer extraordinaire, perhaps better known as @sonomawineguy on Twitter). Along with Jim, another affable chap by the name of Judd sat down.
“So, Judd…what’s your role here,” I was inclined to ask after about 30 minutes of banter and chit chat.
“Oh, I run the place,” he nonchalantly replied.
Pretty nice of the big cheese to take time out of harvest season to talk with some guests for an hour or so. It doesn’t happen at a lot of places (at least for this length of time).
During the course of the conversation, we knocked back Michel-Schlumberger’s Pinot Blanc (an Alsatian grape that’s related to the much-more-ubiquitous-in-the-States Pinot Gris/Grigio), Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aged (like, 1991) Cab, and Syrah. I would love to go back and try the reds later in the year. I don’t think the wife and I appreciated them enough. Not because they weren’t well-made, but because it was 105˚ outside…not the temp at which I seek out full-bodied reds. Winner by far- under the circumstances- was the mighty refreshing Pinot Blanc.
After relaxing and shooting the [expletive…damn censors], Jim rode around the property with my brood. As I sat atop a hill, looking down over M-S’s organic vineyards, Napa Valley to the southeast, the Pacific ocean to the west, the slight afterglow of the last wine tasting of the trip… well, what a unique and beautiful place.
Thanks for the incredible hospitality, guys. We’ll be sure to return.


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