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Booze in the News – Sept. 17, 2010 (aka "The Collection") | September 17, 2010

I know everyone’s waiting with bated-breath on the results from my blind glass test, but I’ve been traveling for work- with family- this week, so it’s work during the day and family fun at night. Little room for posts. I have a little time now between hours of family photos, Parcheesi, and cleaning up baby vomit, so I’ve taken a seat to post…alas, I’ve run into my obligation to give you “Booze in the News”, as it is Friday. Looks like you’ll have to wait with fingers crossed and cheeks clenched for a couple more days…

…However, I’m presenting a very special “Booze in the News” today. Two weeks ago, I offered folks the rare and wondrous* opportunity to create the BITN logo. The response was overwhelming (at least from Benito), and I just couldn’t decide on a winner. So, in a very special edition of “Booze in the News”, I present “The Collection”. And if you want to take a crack at a logo, just do the design and drop it on my Facebook page. No reasonable designs refused!
*denotes gross exaggeration
The Benito Gallery:
A excellent and credibility-building effort from Brian at the fine blog, Norcal Wingman:
And, well, I figured I had to get into the mix:


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