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Walla Walla’s Greatest Export (or, "Movin’ On", or "For Shame") | July 8, 2010

As one peruses, pokes, prods, and probes the wine-centric liver of the blogosphere, a reoccurring adipose is being seen everywhere lately: discussion on Washington wine. Conversation about Yakima Valley Riesling. The myriad varieties grown in the vast Columbia Valley AVA. Disgust at the lack of discussion from bloggers about the spectacular Rattlesnake Hills AVA. Bloviation, adoration, dissertation, and exaltation for Walla Walla Syrah…

…all of it the fallout of the Wine Bloggers’ Conference, held in aforementioned Walla Walla, WA. ‘Twas a great time; rare wines of both exceptional stock and unsettling providence were consumed, fantastic people were made acquaintance, and dance moves were busted (or folks were served, if you will). Yet, among all this talk; within this plenitude of noise about Walla Walla, there exists a glaring, INFURIATING omission. Everyone’s discussing the wine coming out of “the city so nice, they named it twice,” but the greatest export of the county seat of Walla Walla county has been left behind to twist in the wind:
Adam West, born William West Anderson…attended Walla Walla High School during his freshman and sophomore years…he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and a minor in Psychology from Whitman College in Walla Walla where he was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity and participated on the speech and debate team (source:
Nice work. We got all caught up in the purple juice and forgot about Batman. And not the Christian Bale-machismo Batman; the “attended-the-Armand-Assante-school-of-smoldering-intensity” Batman of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. We’re talking about the campy, flaccidly-built, flamboyant, and golden-tongued amorous rogue of 60’s television fame. And the “enlightened” wine bloggers, charged with chirping the praises of all-things Walla Walla, denied its favorite son. Bollocks.
For this reason, I can’t stand to look Walla Walla in the eye, and I’m moving on. It’s time to put the WBC behind and focus on the future (okay, I need to cobble one video together, but that’s it). Besides, there are great new things on the horizon! The much-ballyhooed #PinotNoir Twitter tasting is a week away. There’s a live event in Atlanta (among other places) that I’ll be attending. The wife will be given temporary shore leave from the poop-stained diaper and spit-up milk-laden hermetic capsule that has become our home. So, thank you, Walla Walla, for all you’ve given us, wine and otherwise. I need to shamefully ease on down the road…
…I just hope Mister West can forgive the neglect.

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