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Natural Wine, explained | July 6, 2010

It’s easy to get hung up on the myriad ways wine grapes are grown and the final product in the bottle- on your shelf next to the hulk hands– is made…

…wait, maybe that’s just my shelf. Do you keep your “hulk hands” in the kitchen too?

Anyway, the terms natural wine, organic wine, organically grown grapes, biodynamic, and sustainable can leave consumers’ heads spinning. I was planning on delving into all of these, but then I stumbled across this video on a fine blog called Saignée, and was pleased to find former Atlantan Hardy Wallace of Dirty South Wine FINALLY giving a clear, concise, and informative explanation of natural wine. At this point, I figured any dissertation given by me would be redundant…

…grab your Tecate and prepared to be delightfully confused. I promise to break this all down in a more boring and thorough post later. For now, I figured a laugh would suffice. Cheers!


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