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Monday Mornin’ Comin’ Down | June 28, 2010

So I’m a day off in the title. The feeling’s still the same: shellshocked, enormously tired, but also comforted by the fact that this level of discomfort is indicative of prior mirth.
As I sit in the Seattle airport, strangely welcoming a proper meal of junk food after being treated beyond my palate by the incredible bounty and exceptional culinary talent of Eastern Washington, my mind is swimming (maybe “doggie paddling”) with fond memories of the Wine Bloggers’ Conference, and how to best document them.

I have a lot of pictures. The Pacific Northwest’s beauty is stunning. Yet, I don’t feel mere photos can convey the incredible sense of gratitude I have towards everyone I finally connected with in person, as well as folks I met for the first time. To those who came up to me and told me they liked my blog; who told me I’m just like they expected I would be in person- a total validation that my personality, whether good or bad, has permeated my writing; who attended our panel session, which in itself was an incredible honor: I feel like baking all of you a batch of cookies. And no, not out of the pre-made dough. From scratch, kids, from scratch.
I drank great wine, and met the people who have poured their hearts and souls into those bottles, including existing friends, now living out an irresistible calling from the ministry of the grape.
I made comments that probably need to be expounded upon. While I am no critic, there is a value and a need for them. People need some sort of frame-of-reference…or maybe I’m just picking a fight and expecting to lose.
Most of all, I laughed as hard and as often as I ever have. If I’m to subscribe to my conviction that wine’s ultimate role in our existence is to jump-start conviviality, then this past week has been a resounding confirmation.
All that being said, I plan to expound on these thoughts: the wine, the places, the people. They just haven’t settled in my head, and my nose is distracted by the Monday smell of someone’s fryin’ chicken. Safe travels to all, and we’ll reconnect soon.

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