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(wine’s) Out of Touch, (but food) Makes My (writing) Dreams Come True | June 9, 2010

Admittedly, the posts lately haven’t been 100% wine-centric (often, they aren’t anyway…why be limited to one vice, methinks?). As wine is food, or at least a perfect companion to nourishing victuals, it makes sense to incorporate some.

Whatever the case, wine’s taken the role of John Oates to food’s Darryl Hall. The mustache cannot be ignored, but the lyrical prowess is relegated to the background. There’s been a very good, incredibly overdone (at least on this blog) reason for this perhaps disturbing phenomenon: pregnancy. While in the past, opening and perhaps finishing a bottle of wine a couple times a week was not uncommon, my crippled drinking buddy has made this guy think twice about popping a cork, especially if the contents within will not stand up to a few days of exposure. Then, flash forward to the past few weeks, when I cannot take the risk of having that second nip of wine, or whatever amount would compromise my ability to drive to the hospital at the drop of a hat or the shave of a sweet mustache. I can’t go for that (no can do).
So, while my access to wine hasn’t come to a screeching halt, it is limited to wines that will last for 4 days, or soirees with friends (though- incidentally- friends aren’t knocking down your door to party when you’ve taken on the metamorphosis from mirthful gadabouts to suburbanite baby-churners). However, we all need to eat, and tasty foods have filled that wine-shaped hole, hopefully slaking your thirst for consumption-centric entertainment.
To this end, I present ribs:

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