Suburban Wino 2: The Wordpress Experiment

Light-Headed at 1800′ | February 2, 2010

1800 feet meaning the elevation of the Dahlonega Plateau, just north of Atlanta, where a rag-tag group of intrepid winemakers (perhaps gluttons for punishment in this climate) are making surprisingly good wine.

The ringleader in the Social Media scene is definitely Montaluce Winery & Estates. Myself, along with an equally rag-tag group of intrepid (due to the weather) food & wine bloggers trekked up the road a piece for a day of feasting and tasting (DISCLAIMER: those lovable rascals at Montaluce footed the bill).
You can- as usual- find better recaps of the event at Atlanta Wine Guy, Savory Exposure, Random Oenophile, Maison Marcel, and biskuit’s photostream. However, I decided to take a crack at a video, since I used up about a week’s worth of words on yesterday’s post.
In this video, yes, the pictures do not do justice to the food. Easily worth the drive.


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