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Back in the Groove | January 20, 2010

The biggest problem with business travel is that it can be, well, unsettling. It can throw you out of your groove. Your rhythm; your routine…ruined. And then, John Candy is spooning you.

Neil Page: “Where’s your other hand?”

Del Griffith: “Between two pillows…”
Neil Page: “Those aren’t PILLOWS!!!”
I spent last week touring the small metropolises (metropoli?) and county highways of Southwest Georgia, recruiting for and bolstering the day job’s advertising dealer network. It’s a road paved with 15 hour days, ruthless negotiation, fast food meals, and very little wine. Furthermore, sequestering oneself in another hotel room, half-bagged from the medicating whiskey at dinner and wrangling a molasses-slow internet connection, one’s food and wine writing tends to be forced; uninspired.

Such was the case last week. Little to write about, and little time/energy to do so. Happily, this week proves better. I’ll be meeting with Artesa’s winemaker, Mark Beringer. I’ll also be sampling the 2007 Bordeaux vintage. I’m looking forward to hanging out a little with Ed from and Kevin from The New Orleans Saints and NY Jets will earn my allegiance on Sunday, hopefully in the presence of finger foods and cold beer. Hell, I may even get to eat a home-cooked meal.
Sleeping in my own bed is nice, too. And, I’m getting to kiss my wife every day, and I’m around to rub her belly…safely harboring our first child.
Yep, there’s a lot to write about this week, and a lot to inspire it…
…and no spooning strangers.

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