Suburban Wino 2: The Wordpress Experiment

The post explaining why the post I wanted to post hasn’t been posted (wait…okay, yes) | January 12, 2010

Remember not having a cell phone? Getting off the grid? Yeah (sigh), me neither.

If an email pops up on the Blackberry, I feel like I have to reply to it immediately. I could be speeding down the highway at 3 in the morning- six pack of those little chocolate donuts in one hand, ice cold Royal Crown Cola in the other (knees providing control of the wheel)- but, if that red light starts flashing on my phone, it sure has to be answered right now. Bad thing is: most folks who sent that email at 3 in the morning (who are these corporate vampires?) probably aren’t expecting responses, but we give them anyway. Now, calloused by the swift (and life-threatening response), they come to expect it, and- thus- life as we know it has shifted.
Damn. That wasn’t even the example I was going for. Rant not averted. But I digress. Over the weekend, I’d compiled some videos for your entertainment and/or amusement. Now, I’m stuck in a hotel in Macon, GA, and Youtube’s undergoing maintenance. I can’t upload the video, complete the post, and call it a day. Sure, Blogger will allow one to upload the video via blogger, but I’ve become accustomed to everything connecting to everything else. Even got desperate and set up a Viddler account, but it wouldn’t upload the file type. However, I MUST have this video uploaded to a social video network. Like the vampires and the Blackberries, I’ve become completely dependent upon a certain way of structuring my little piece o’ cyberspace. And not having access to everything is KILLING me.
I remember when getting dial-up connection in a hotel room was novel and awesome. Tonight, I cursed, nay, turned the air blue with profanity because I had to actually plug into an ethernet connection…the wireless wasn’t high-speed enough. And dammit, I want to post in the bathroom. Is that so wrong?
It’s just incredible how advancing technology has changed our expectations of when and where we should be connected. Now, excuse me while I go rub two sticks together to warm up in this clearly Amish-run hotel.


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