Suburban Wino 2: The Wordpress Experiment

Help my ass out! (that’s not cursing, as the picture clearly demonstrates) | November 24, 2009

Sometimes, we all get a little overloaded. Tons going on at work, and tons going on in life at home. Not bad stuff, but enough to make it difficult to get all the writing in. Them’s the breaks, or brakes, or…honestly, I never really knew what the hell that saying meant. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. What about those “Soft Batch” cookies? They don’t crumble.

Crap. I guess you get the point. Life’s hitting on all cylinders in most aspects, and writing has taken a backseat, at least in the past week.

So, rather than deny you- the valued reader (the singular is not a personal touch addressed at many readers. It’s addressed to you: my one reader)- the colorful hijinks and gastrointestinal discomforts afforded by regular posting on, I thought I’d be productive and ask for some feedback. Hey, I’m a marketing goon by trade, and a middle child by birth. I need attention from the audience once in a while.

I’ve been trying to keep my posts shorter and incorporate more video on the site. If you like this, please comment. If you’d like me to stick to writing more, please comment as well. If you don’t care, please comment that both (or neither) are fine. If I’m not doing something on the site that I need to be doing, let me know as well. If you are a nihilist, I expect no comment, because you believe in nothing.

In the meantime, eat turkey, feel perky, and come back soon, as I expect to put off household projects during the Thanksgiving break and nerd away on the computing device. Why? Because I care…albeit sporadically.


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