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I love it when a plan comes together… | November 15, 2009

As football season winds down, I feel both saddened and exhausted. The team hasn’t quite pulled it together this year, but I know they’ve worked hard and given it their all.

In the same way, some of us fans feel that we need to pour every ounce our ourselves into the gameday experience. A proper tailgate is one of the finest things on earth, but arriving at that end is an arduous labor of love. I certainly don’t put on the finest tailgate in town, but suffice it to say, I’ve put in my share of hours the Friday before and the Saturday during. People ask me, “why all the work?” Quite simply, I love it.
So here’s my tribute to all those who can’t think of anything better in the world than busting their butts to make Saturday memorable: Cheers, Sláinte, L’Chaim, Salud, Prost, Skål, Konbe, Kampai, and Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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