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GA/FL, Saturday: Tailgate Good, Game Bad | November 10, 2009

Few things in life elicit more jocularity that a tailgate party. Yes, jocularity. On another note, isn’t black supposed to be slimming? This is clearly not a very flattering angle for my usual 6-pack-o’-abs.
In a brilliant move, the hosts of the tailgate distributed fake moustaches. I’m glad Heather doesn’t normally have a moustache. Is it spelled with an “o”? I’m getting a spell check red squiggly, but I’m sticking with my guns here.
Does the can itself state the obvious? This was perhaps one of the worst things I have ever put in my body. Yes, including “Burger King”. I finished this vile concoction of formaldehyde, flat ginger ale, and grain alcohol in the hopes of good karma for the team. I’m surprised it didn’t make me go blind. After watching the abomination of a game, I wished it had.
The only good thing I saw in the stadium: a random GREENMAN sighting. Outstanding.
After tucking tail and returning to the beach house, my buddy The Cheese was kind enough to treat me to a Unibroue “La Fin Du Monde”. This Quebec brewery makes some tasty high-gravity beers. If you like champagne, this one tastes like it. Seriously. Perhaps a secondary fermentation in the bottle created the intriguing bread-and-toast flavors. Really worth a try.

Is the brewery’s name pronounced like “unibrow”? That’s funny.

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