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An Unbelievable Meeting | October 23, 2009

I never saw it coming. I thought my hair would grow back first. I believed that I could believe that it’s not butter. I was convinced; convicted even, to the prospect that David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar would team up for a folk music tour before this would happen.

But alas, I have been thunderstruck (sorry for mixing AC/DC and Van Halen references…razor’s wit hath eluded me tonight). An unprecedented collision has occurred. My two passions: wine and HVAC wholesale distribution, have come together in a chance meeting the likes of which even the kooky duo of Pat Morita and Jay Leno have never seen.

Confused? Me too. Wait, I’m not. Not confused about this, at least. Other stuff (how they get peanut butter and jelly together into one jar, the ‘Jonas Brothers’ phenomenon, etc.) still have me baffled. But that’s another post…okay probably not.
What I’m getting at is a recent post that Murphy-Goode winery’s tasting room recently was awarded LEED certification. LEED (or ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’) is a huge aspect of heating & air system design, and it’s a really good move for those who give a damn about this rock we call home.
Now, HVAC and mechanical contractors talk about LEED all the time. They- conversely- being a whiskey and “lite” beer bunch, rarely sniff into forays with wine. In fact, discussing wine with many of my customers would likely result in immediate ridicule, and perhaps kicks to the testicles. Fearing for said testicles, I’ve kept my mouth shut and conceded to the fact that my two mistresses must remain mutually-exclusive.
I tip my “Real Tree Mossy Oak Break-Up” distributor-branded cap to you, Murphy-Goode. You’ve done something I never imagined.
And so it toast you in a way only befitting of this union: … … okay, I don’t know how to write out a deer call in French.


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