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Riding MARTA with a gallon of chowder | October 14, 2009

It must’ve weighed ten pounds. A heavy-duty plastic bag full of rich cream, potatoes, onions, and briny clams. Perched upon my lap while riding Atlanta’s public subway system, I fit in like sasquatch at an “Alopecia Foundation” meeting.

Believe it or not, this has something to do with wine.
It all goes back to Taste of Atlanta– namely, the Robert Mondavi: Discover Wine pavilion. I was given the opportunity to pour for them as they toured food festivals around the U.S. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Mondavi Private Selection wines, but the guy did put Napa Valley on the map, and it was at least an opportunity to taste, share my passion and knowledge of wine with others, and- well, make a few bucks. Hey, every man has a price.
Sure enough, I ended up pretty much just getting people drunk…few really cared about the grapes, the styles of wine, the regions, and the concept of terroir. I imagine to many people, the Mondavi: Discover Wine entrance might as well have just had a big marquee, screaming “FREE BOOZE”. Am I looking down of these folks? Nah. Like a moth to flame, I’d probably do the same thing.

However, for the handful of people who showed true interest in the wines, it was an incredibly rewarding experience. When frequently writing about wine, drinking wine, and discussing wine with other enthusiasts (well, nerds), one can really lose sight of what the average person knows about the magical beverage. This essentially educational role really brought me back to earth, and challenged me to talk about wine in “normal human” terms, thus bringing the mystique of wine back to earth as well…just where it should be. Wine is about fun, right? And when someone really “got it” and seemed excited, it felt great. Another fallen under the spell of the vine, perhaps. Glad I may have had a part in it. (oh, and thanks to Broderick at Savory Exposure for capturing my balding head in the most tasteful way possible…he’s really a hell of a photographer).
The chowder? Some chef from Legal Seafood traded it to me for four glasses of wine. No, he wasn’t interested in viticulture and viniculture, but he did have a crapload of clam chowder (darn good clam chowder, at that). Let’s face it: free food is pretty dang rewarding too…
…even if you have to walk around with it for a while.


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