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It’s Officially Crunch-Time | August 16, 2009

Barring any further delays, I’m scheduled to take my Certified Specialist of Wine exam this Sunday (August 23). I think I’ve absorbed a good bit of the information, but it’s just a Rush Limbaugh-sized pile of information…geography, viticulture, chemistry, history, vinification, and on and on. Needless to say, my confidence is occasionally shaken when I think of what I need to know. Fortunately, the test is only 100 questions, all multiple-choice, and I can miss 25 of them. That being said, I will feel I’ve let myself down if I don’t ace it.

Usually, I need music to stave off any attention-deficit tendencies during monotonous activities: exercising, running painful reports and analyses at work, or studying. And while there’s been much talk about the effect of music on brain development and health, I wanted to find songs that would zone me out, while not interrupting my reading and retention of information.

So, here’s what I came up with…mostly instrumental, relaxing music: acoustic guitar, downbeat electronic music, and progressive rock. Although there are lots of calming songs with lyrics, I generally avoid them, as the words in the songs distract from the words I am reading. However, I gave a pass to Thom Yorke; the vocals in many Radiohead songs are so mellow, they seem like an instrument in themselves.
Give them a listen, and let me know what’s on your iPod when you’re trying concentrate. To me- much like wine- music is something that needs to be shared and enjoyed among friends.
To great music: Cheers, Sláinte, Salud, Prost, Skål, Konbe, and Kampai!

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