Suburban Wino 2: The Wordpress Experiment

Case of the Mondays. | June 21, 2009


I can understand why the “professional blogger” often opts to write several posts at once, scheduling them to appear throughout the week. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet paid my dues in this field to warrant a reasonable income, so I do this in my free time. Today, the 9-to-5 took its pound of flesh (honestly, is there such a thing as “9 to 5” anymore? I rue the day, Blackberry. Rue the day).

As it so happens, the J-O-B put me through the wringer, worked me over, stuck a fork in me, hung me out to dry, and other various and sundry slogans describing a taxing day in the wholesale mines.

Needless to say, my muse hasn’t been summoned tonight. I’ve been staring blankly at this screen for 3 hours, trying to write reviews for some wines I drank, using notes that were written 2 bottles in and then- not surprisingly- spilled upon. Once I realized the notes were total b.s., I felt it just wouldn’t be an honest assessment; unfair to both the audience and the winemaker. Call it a wine-tasting epiphany (or wine-tasting rock bottom). Whatever the case, I realized that if my evaluations are to have any value, the notes have to be consistent and accurate. Like any good writing, research and effort is required. I’ll make sure to do that for you. Sorry to let you down, reader, writer, winemaker, and grape.

Or, maybe I just have a case of the Mondays.


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