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Bottle Recap – part 2 of 3 | May 13, 2009

Terrible job keeping up…gotta keep bread and skittles in the pantry for the misses and I, so I’ve been focusing on the “real” job (ugh). Also am tendrils deep in the CWS program, trying to acquire vast amounts of wine knowledge for your amusement.

Anyway, the 2nd bottle from the recap was a V. Sattui 2005 Ramazzotti Vineyard Zinfandel. It’s been one of my favorites: full of berries and peppery spice; truly a classic zinfandel.
Sattui does a pretty good job with zinfandel. They are usually selling several single-vineyard bottles, as well as just about every varietal you can imagine. You may think that this would cause them to spread themselves too thin and cause quality to suffer. However, the quality across the board is pretty darn good (at a pretty good price for the quality). Furthermore, it’s a nice place to visit if you’re ever in St. Helena, towards the north end of Napa Valley.
Unfortunately, I don’t know if this wine is still available, but perhaps they’ll bring it back in a later vintage. In the meantime, you can only buy V. Sattui wines at the winery or through their website. Check them out, keeping in mind that buying wine online (or joining wine clubs) is indeed the most sophisticated form of crack addiction. Watch your wallet.

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