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Take Me Home Tonight (to a wine cellar near you) | April 15, 2009

Thanks to my pal Van Burin for sending this my way…he’s making this “quality content” thing way too easy for me.

IT’S OFFICIAL. IT HAS HAPPENED! Just as Nostradamus likely predicted, De La Montanya winery in Healdsburg, CA and Eddie Money have teamed up to create “Wanna Go Back” 2005 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

It’s obvious that the MoneyMan has been “shakin” things up in the wine world, and it’s quite apparent that he’s got “no control” over his love of this famed Burgundian varietal.

Pinot Noir is notorious for being a finicky, thin-skinned grape that requires careful attention and pampering to achieve its most haunting, transcendental presence by the time it reaches your glass. Some might say this about Eddie Money on stage, but by the time he reaches your glass, you’ve likely had your socks rocked off at a local Ohio rib burnoff by the sweatsuit-clad balladier. And if you don’t think “Two Tickets to Paradise” is haunting and transcendental, then you’re like most people: wrong.

Babies, hold on, because I will be purchasing this wine, and reviewing it for you. It sells for $35, or $75 for an autographed bottle (only $40 for the autograph…no respect!). If I could walk on water, I’d be doing that to make the $75, but (like Money in his hit “Walk on Water”) I can’t, so I’ll have to go for the cheap one. Stay tuned!


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