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Das Bolt

August 21, 2008
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One of the most jaw-dropping feats I’ve ever seen.

But, my excitement and amazement is nothing compared to the scintillating commentary by this German-sounding broadcast. Honestly, I just wanted to write a post about how incredible Usain Bolt is, but I couldn’t find a video in English. Thankfully, my inability to find one led me to this, and I had a chance to pick on my fatherland. This guy’s about as exciting as a cold bratwurst and a prostate exam. Prost!


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No Content Yet…

August 19, 2008
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…but it’s a start. I could’ve just as easily plopped my butt on the delicious couch and tucked into a long evening of “Quantum Leap” reruns.

Let’s face it: I’m way behind on the “blogging” scene. I hear that soon, people will actually have telephones that they can carry around with them, without any wires or anything! I also hear they have the internet on computers now. This new-fashioned technology…

I guess I just thought it’d be fun to create a forum where I could write down my thoughts about some of my favorite things: wine, food, football, non-athletic backyard sporting competitions, and other things that perhaps the myriad suburbanites like me out there tend to end up doing. I find that while we have the advantages of yards and open spaces to toss the football, we tend to miss out on the best vittles and libations that spring up in the city centers. However, I’m confident the suburbs can become a center of class and sophistication…without all the pretension and snootiness (is that redundant?) that comes with ‘class and sophistication.’

Who says you can’t have a wine-tasting party right before eating a bucket of chicken and screaming at your lowly Atlanta Falcons’ gridiron inadequacies? The point is: I hope we can break the stereotype that “regular” folks like you and me can’t be champions of fine wine, craft beer, and gourmet cuisine.

Should be fun…

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Howdy Pals! Welcome to!

August 1, 2008
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If you’re reading this, then you’ve obviously taken the time to click on my site link from Twitter. That means you sacrificed your valuable time to actually take a look at my Twitter homepage in the first place. You’re really making a great first impression!

My name is Joe Herrig, and I’m a wine nerd who resides in Woodstock, GA, a lovely little corner of the world just outside Atlanta. That’s me above, with a lot more hair. While I have no work affiliation to the wine & spirits industry, like so many I’ve become enamored with the fruit of the vine, to the point of reading countless books, attending tastings aplenty, and even earning my Certified Specialist of Wine credential from the Society of Wine Educators. Obsession’s a bitch, ain’t it. Fortunately, I’ve got a loving wife willing to nurture my vice, so there’s at least one other person who doesn’t deem me “wine psycho”. Huzzah.
I started writing Suburban Wino for two reasons: One is that I have a Journalism degree that gets little-to-no use in my day job, but preaching the wonders of wholesale durable-good distribution will surely drive you away in a hurry. The other reason is that I live in the suburbs; a microcosm often void of fine food and wine. I’m trying to bring an appreciation of great vino into the fold, while not forgetting my roots. Football, tailgating, cookouts, fishing, beer, and leisure sports are great too…why should wine be mutually exclusive? In the end, it’s all about fun and bringing people together. We can do that in the ‘burbs, and we’re not afraid to be a little “rough around the edges” about it.
Also, I’m a middle child and need attention. Okay, three reasons.
Anyway, brevity’s not a strong point of mine. I really appreciate you stopping by. While this blog occasionally takes a crack at education, it’s mostly about entertainment. You’ll rarely see wine reviews, and don’t be surprised if some posts have nothing to do with wine. There’s too much out there to maintain focus, especially for a scatter-brain like me. As long as you’re laughing, I’ve done my job.
-You can get to the latest post by clicking HERE
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-I also write for the Montaluce blog, and I try to stay active in the Atlanta Wine School network…check ’em out!
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-If none of this interests you, then THIS might be more your speed. Cheers!

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